Course Outline


  • Overview of ServiceNow platform
  • Introduction to HR Service Delivery (HRSD)
  • Benefits and significance of HRSD
  • Key HRSD terminology and concepts

Setting Up ServiceNow HRSD

  • ServiceNow HRSD architecture
  • Configuring HRSD components
  • Data management in HRSD
  • User roles and permissions

Employee Self-Service Portal

  • Designing an employee-friendly portal
  • Enabling employee self-service
  • Creating HR service catalogs
  • Service catalog best practices

Case Management in HRSD

  • Understanding HR cases
  • Creating and managing HR cases
  • Automating case assignment and routing
  • Case resolution and closure

HR Workflows and Automation

  • Overview of HR process automation
  • Building HR workflows
  • Integration with HR processes
  • Workflow best practices

Knowledge Management

  • Knowledge base creation and maintenance
  • Providing self-help resources for employees
  • Effective use of knowledge articles
  • Knowledge management best practices

Reporting and Analytics

  • Utilizing HRSD reporting tools
  • Creating custom HR reports and dashboards
  • Tracking key HR metrics
  • Data-driven decision-making in HR

Integration and Extensions

  • Integrating HRSD with other HR systems
  • Third-party integrations
  • ServiceNow app store and marketplace
  • Extending HRSD capabilities with ServiceNow apps

Compliance and Security

  • Ensuring HR data security
  • Compliance with HR regulations
  • Auditing and monitoring HR processes
  • Incident response and data breaches


Summary and Next Steps


  • Basic knowledge of HR processes


  • HR professionals
 14 Hours

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