Course Outline

Power BI Desktop & Introducing Key terms


  • Download and Install BI Desktop
  • Connect to Oracle Database Server
  • Understanding Power BI Screen → Report | Data | Relationship
  • Add, Rename, Duplicate, Hide and Delete Pages
  • Get Data from Excel Files
  • Get Data from Text Files
  • Load Data from Multiple Data Sources
  • Remove Unwanted Columns from Tables

Power BI Charts

  • Column Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Card
  • Clustered Column Chart
  • Introducing natural-language queries
  • Importing custom visuals

Power BI Filters


  • Slicer
  • Basic Filters
  • Advanced Filters
  • Top N Filters
  • Filters on Measures
  • Page Level Filters
  • Report Level Filters
  • Drill through Filters

Working with Power BI Dashboards & Best Practices

  • Dashboard best practices
  • Understanding Relationship
  • Dashboard Actions
  • Add Reports to a Dashboard
  • Add Title to Dashboard
  • How to Add Image to Dashboard
  • Add Video to Dashboard
  • Add Web Content to Dashboard
  • Dashboard Settings
  • Delete a Dashboard
  • Pin Report to a Dashboard

Sharing Power BI Work


  • Inviting a user to see a dashboard (Share Dashboard)
    • Internal
    • External (Inviting users outside your organization)
  • Share a Report
  • Sharing Workspace
  • Understanding data refresh
    • Configuring automatic refresh

Power BI Administration (behind the scenes)


  • Understanding the Power BI admin portal
    • The admin portal presents five features:
      • Usage metrics
      • Users
      • Audit logs
      • Tenant settings
      • Premium settings
  • Assign users to the admin role in office 365 (Office 365 admin center)
  • Three actors in play for administration

Power BI Security Access Control


  • Giving access to Apps and Contents Packs
  • Row Level Security
  • Managing Users and Licenses
    • Enabling / disabling users
    • Audit Power BI Activity



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