Course Outline


  • Overview of Power BI features and architecture
  • Advanced tools and data analysis in Power BI

Getting Started

  • Installing Power BI and other components
  • Data strategies for efficiency
  • DAX language fundamentals

Managing Data

  • Querying and aggregating data
  • R integration and M query
  • Importing and transferring data
  • Pivoting and unpivoting data
  • Transposing and joining data tables
  • Tips and tricks on advanced functionalities

Advanced Data Modeling

  • Working with tables and dimensions
  • Defining data granularity
  • Working with relationships and cardinality
  • Creating measures using DAX
  • Optimizing models for performance
  • Fixing common issues in modeling

Advanced Rules and Calculations using DAX

  • Creating tables using a formula
  • Applying conditional functions
  • Filtering multiple tables
  • Working with disconnected tables
  • Working with variables in DAX
  • Calculating and filtering context
  • Working with dynamic measures

Advanced Visualizations, Reports, and Dashboards

  • Visualization types in Power BI
  • Customizing visual elements
  • Creating Power BI maps visualization
  • Creating Power BI visuals with R
  • Using filters and slicers in reports
  • Enhancing visual elements for reports
  • Creating an automated flow with Power Automate
  • Creating Q&A visual in reports
  • Optimizing dashboards for mobile devices
  • Tips for designing effective dashboards

Working with Embedded Analytics in Power BI

  • Setting up the analytics environment
  • Exploring Power BI REST APIs and client APIs
  • Practical examples and use cases


Summary and Next Steps


  • Experience with Power BI
  • Familiarity with DAX language


  • Business analysts
  • Data analysts
  • Developers
 21 Hours

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